The Secret Vaults of Time

The Secret Vaults of Time
(Authors Guild: Lincoln, NE, 2001)
ISBN: 0-595-20183-9
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Secret Vaults of Time eBook
Secret Vaults of Time eBook
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The Secrets Vaults of Time is a fascinating look at the best psychics and remote viewers of the 20th century, including Edgar Cayce and George McMullen, and their impressive contributions to science, in particular the advancement of archaeology. Schwartz uncovers never-before-detailed background on some of the most important digs of the past 100 years, including the recovery of Glastonbury Abbey—known as both the legendary Avalon of King Arthur and the birthplace of Christianity in England. The 12th title in Hampton Roads’ Studies in Consciousness line, The Secrets Vaults of Time was originally published by Grosset & Dunlap in 1978 (ISBN 0448127172)

Secret Vaults of Time is the acknowledged classic in its field.

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“Schwartz’ compelling and cogent book is new evidence that the thinking and writing on things psychic has…attained a maturity that commands the most serious attention…Schwartz’ mature intelligence doubles the fascination of his material. But the true importance of his book lies in his closing philosophical-historical analysis of modern materialist science approaching crisis, its resistance to the mysteries of the psychic dimension paradoxically hastening a new world view even more revolutionary in its impact than Einstein’s physics.”

Publishers Weekly

“This fascinating book reveals the loneliness on the frontiers of knowledge. Schwartz should appeal to the bravely open-minded…”

Wilton Dillon
Smithsonian Institution

“The best book on the subject and a shot in the arm to archaeologists…Schwartz’ psychic key to the secret vaults should air a lot of history and exorcise some specters.”

Peter Tompkins
Author of
The Secret Life of Plants,
The Secret of the Great Pyramid

“Stephan Schwartz has written one of the most compelling books which has come to my attention for a long time…It is a delight to read him.”

Hugh Lynn Cayce
Chairman of the Board
Association for Research and Enlightenment

“This book is a seminal development. I recommend it unhesitatingly.”

Philip Staniford
Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
San Diego State University

“This book heralds a very great transition in the development of psychic research. It should be read by anyone who wants a better understanding of the implications of such research for the future of science.”

Ingo Swann
Remote Viewer
Author of
To Kiss Earth Goodbye

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