Travels Through Time and Space: The Remote Viewing Package

This Download Package Includes:

These experiential Recordings utilize laboratory proven Remote Viewing techniques to take you on voyages through time and space. They let you experience your own inner resources in ways that can profoundly affect your sense of what is possible. Each experience is approximately 45 minutes in length. It consists of a relaxation induction, the intention that forms the experience, a guided voyage, and a return to normal waking consciousness.

You control the depth of the experience, and each session is designed to elicit specific, often testable, information, and specific changes in your mind and body.

Although each Title is designed to be fully “stand alone”, they are also an integrated set. We recommend that you begin with Remote Viewing. It has the most comprehensive explanation of what Remote Viewing is, as well as the most techniques for using it in various settings.


Travels Through Time and Space Download
You will receive the audio tracks in a zipped file for use on your computer, or unzip and then sync them to your mobile device. Licensed for personal use only not to be shared, duplicated, sold, or distributed.
  • Harmonic Healing
  • Meditation for Modern Minds
  • Before the Beginning
  • Remote Viewing

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