Looking into Your Future

Guided Remote Viewing by Stephan A. Schwartz


At times of great stress, when your relationship is changing, or your job is disappearing, or you are faced with a fateful choice, it can be extraordinarily helpful to get even a glimpse of what lies in your future. Research carried out at laboratories at universities and institutions around the world tells that it is possible to obtain verifiable information from the future, providing we follow a structured protocol. This Recording has been specially designed to allow you to do that.

You will be guided through a meditative process of relaxation, followed by a carefully structured sequence designed to produce experiences of your own future at a date of your choosing. It could be a month, a year, or a decade. All your senses will experience the future: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and visual. Additionally, you will have a sense of “knowingness” revealing information beyond the direct senses. The experience will be something akin to a waking dream. Then you will be asked to record what you have experienced. Alternatively, you can have someone close to you sit with you and you can verbalize what you are experiencing as it happens and they can write it down. As time spools out towards your date, you can refer to your record, and it will prompt you to be aware of elements going on in your life at that time. On your chosen date you will be able to evaluate your own accuracy, on the basis of your own experience.

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