Remote Viewing

Guided Remote Viewing by Stephan A. Schwartz

The informational and guided exercises on this album are simple yet profound. They will teach you how to master the skills necessary to access that part of your mind that can move outside of time and space.

  • Track 1: What is Remote Viewing
  • Track 2: How to Remote View
  • Track 3: Targets
  • Track 4: When to do your session
  • Track 5: Protocols
  • Track 6: Judging and analysis
  • Track 7: Feedback
  • Track 8: How to deal with problems
  • Track 9: Meditation
  • Track 10: The location protocol
  • Track 11: The object protocol
  • Track 12: The out-bound protocol
  • Track 13: The intuitive diagnosis protocol

Compare the drawing with the photograph. This is the kind of Remote Viewing results you can obtain. This viewing was done as part of an international experiment conducted in conjunction with OMNI Magazine, in both Japan and the U.S., as well as the L.A. Weekly. It was done by a person who had never Remote Viewed before, and whose only target guidance was that a computer had randomly selected a place somewhere on Earth, which they were asked to describe.

Note: This recording makes up part of Travels Through Time and Space collection, and is packaged in the Gold Standard Course as well.


Remote Viewing Download
You will receive the audio tracks in a zipped file for use on your computer, or unzip and then sync them to your mobile device. Licensed for personal use only not to be shared, duplicated, sold, or distributed.

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