Harmonic Healing


Guided Healing Meditation by Stephan A. Schwartz

From the earliest times, we seem to have known intuitively that the directed mind and human spirit have the power to bring healing to oneself and others. All religions and spiritual paths honor the power of Therapeutic Intent. Now laboratory and clinical research in dozens of studies have confirmed this belief scientifically. The work has demonstrated that everyone has the power to heal. This Energy Healing Recording combines a respect for the ancient traditions as well as the insights of science to take you on an inner-voyage that will show you how to link to the greater whole and activate your power to heal.  Guided Meditation.

Use Harmonic Healing once a week, or more often if needed, to heal yourself, and to send healing to others.

Note: This Recording makes up part of the 4-recording set, Travels Through Time and Space, and is packaged in the Gold Standard Course as well.

Harmonic Healing Download
You will receive the audio tracks in a zipped file for use on your computer, or unzip and then sync them to your mobile device. Licensed for personal use only not to be shared, duplicated, sold, or distributed.

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