Guided Meditation by Stephan A. Schwartz

Among many other benefits, meditation teaches you focus. And the success of opening to the transcendental part of yourself is strongly affected by your ability to focus. Regular practice of meditation has also been scientifically proven to change your brain chemistry, lower blood pressure, make you sleep better, feel less stressed and much more.

The difficulty for most people living in today’s modern world is that traditional meditation methods were developed in an age very different from today’s fast-paced rhythm.

Meditation for Modern Minds was specifically designed with scientifically proven meditation techniques to help a person effectively and efficiently deal with issues of modern life. The many benefits you will experience include:

  • thrive in a world plagued by information overload
  • significantly reduce daily stress levels
  • experience increased clarity of mind, even in hectic, high-pressure situations
  • an ability to make better decisions, faster
  • boost your health and your happiness
  • achieve greater levels of intelligence and creativity
  • soar at work and life with successful goal-setting and newfound focus
  • improve and deepen relationships with enhanced intuition
  • achieve youthful vigor and vitality
  • and much, much more…

Meditation for Modern Minds Download
You will receive the audio tracks in a zipped file for use on your computer, or unzip and then sync them to your mobile device., plus a bonus download pdf of Stephan's article titled: "Meditation—The Controlled Psychophysical Self-Regulation Process That Works" Licensed for personal use only not to be shared, duplicated, sold, or distributed.




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