Opening to the Infinite: The Art and Science of Remote Viewing


Three-Week Online Workshop featuring personal training, guidance and support from Stephan Schwartz

February 14 – March 8, 2015

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What is the nature of consciousness?

Where does Creative Genius come from? Where does Spiritual Epiphany come from? Where do Psychic Experiences come from? And how are we to explain the exceptional experiences that have been reported throughout human history, across time and geography and culture? Near-death experiences; Out-of-Body experiences; Telepathy; Clairvoyance; Precognition?

Science and history suggest that these phenomena are in fact, variations on opening to an aspect of consciousness outside of the time-space domain. We call this Nonlocal Perception. This is a domain to which all consciousnesses, from the simplest to the most complex — we ourselves — are linked.

Opening to the Infinite is an online course that represents the culmination of nearly 50 years of research into the nature of consciousness by one of the leading consciousness researchers of our time, Stephan A. Schwartz. Stephan takes you into the world of Remote Viewing, Dream Crafting, and Therapeutic Intention. It gives you practical techniques for mastering these skills, as well as a foundation for achieving the ability to sustain Intentioned Focused Awareness, the key to bringing these skills into your life.

The Workshop

Learn and Study with Stephan Schwartz:

Remote Viewing Methods and Protocols, beginning to advanced – Remote Viewing is the ability to describe persons, places, and events via some aspect of consciousness that cannot presently be explained. It refers to the sense impressions and to the protocols used in obtaining them. Stephan Schwartz, who was part of the group of researchers who developed these protocols, takes you through them, step-by-step.

There is nothing supernatural about the practice of Remote Viewing. It is simply a matter of making yourself consciously aware of an information channel that we all have access to. This same channel is what fuels hunches, gut feelings and intuition, as well as spiritual revelation and moments of inspiration and genius. Learning to Remote View is learning to listen more carefully to information that is already there and available. Mastering this skill can only make you a more focused, more sensitive human being, to others and to all the life around you.

Meditation for Modern Minds – Learning to access Nonlocal Consciousness is very much like learning a martial art. Like the martial arts, it requires a special mindfulness – your success is a matter of your focus. We refer to this as Intentioned Focused Awareness. Amongst many other benefits, meditation teaches you focus. And the success of opening to the transcendental part of yourself is strongly affected by this ability. Regular practice of meditation has also been scientifically proven to change your brain chemistry, lower blood pressure, make you sleep better, feel less stressed and much more.

The difficulty for most people living in today’s modern world is that traditional meditation methods were developed in an age very different to today’s fast-paced rhythm. Stephan introduces a simple but effective meditation method for modern minds in a modern age.Meditation for Modern Minds was specifically designed with scientifically proven meditation techniques to help you effectively and efficiently deal with issues of a modern life, and in achieving the ability to sustain Intentioned Focused Awareness.

Therapeutic Intention and Harmonic Healing – From the earliest times we seem to have known intuitively that the directed mind and human spirit have the power to bring healing to oneself and others. All religions and spiritual paths honor the power of Therapeutic Intent. Now laboratory and clinical research in dozens of studies has confirmed this belief scientifically. The work has demonstrated that everyone has the power to heal. Stephan shares with you fascinating research that illustrates this innate ability within each of us, and teaches you methods for using Focused Intention in what he calls “Harmonic Healing“. Harmonic Healing combines a respect for the ancient traditions as well as the insights of science to take you on an inner-voyage that will show you how to link to the greater whole and activate your power to heal.

Lucid Dreaming and Dream Crafting – Dreams have, through the ages, been recognized as a distinct state of consciousness. However the scientific understanding of the physiology of sleep and dreams traces back less than a century, to the late 1930s. Since then, research has identified distinct states of consciousness associated with sleep and dreams, and these states can be tapped as a source of knowledge and inspiration. Stephan introduces methods for using Focused Intention for Dream Crafting, where you can harness your dreams to obtain information from your subconscious, Nonlocal mind, that you can use in very practical ways in your daily life.

Workshop Features:

  • Three-week Intensive Online Workshop 
  • Video-based instructions — no set class times
  • View presentations as often as necessary
  • Easy-to-use course website 
  • Personal support and guidance from Stephan Schwartz
  • Practical Instruction presented with streaming video – no set class times
  • Downloadable guided audio exercises for your practice
  • All from the comfort of your own home

Time-Zone Friendly: There are no set class times. Participants from all over the world can attend. Audio/Visual material is pre-recorded and streamed. You can replay the workshop instructional  sessions as often as you need for the duration of the workshop.

Requirements: Broadband Internet access is essential due to the streamed video content. We recommend the Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers for use with our course web sites. Beginning in 2015, the GlideWing Workshop Videos are now compatible with all desktop, notebook and mobile devices including Apple and Android tablets and smartphones.

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